What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaching is a peer-based support service aimed at working with individuals who have substance use disorders.

Recovery Coaches walk side by side with individuals to assist them in learning about substance use disorders, treatment, and recovery from a non-clinical point of view.  Recovery Coaches are people of lived experience, meaning they are in recovery from a substance use or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder.  Coaches have experienced the unique challenges related to substance use and recovery. Recovery Coaches are trained to tell their story, coordinate services, advocate and support those struggling with substance use or co-occurring mental health disorders. They are different from a sponsor, as they allow for individual preferences and paths in recovery.

Recovery Coaches are effective. Research shows that long-term treatment and/or recovery outcomes are improved by assertive linkages to community-based recovery supports such as Recovery Coaching and Mentoring. Peer interventions have been shown to improve engagement and retention of people seeking services. Outcomes can be improved when a person of lived experience becomes part of the equation.

Recovery happens and is for everyone- as they define it for themselves. Considering our shared human experiences, there aren’t many achievements that are more rewarding than finding one’s path to recovery. The path is unique to every individual, but the joys abound to everyone involved. Recovery Allies is humbled, honored, and privileged to walk with so many in their recovery.

Value in Recovery Coaches

We are proud that…

Recovery Allies provides trainings to professionals at all levels of care and from multiple disciplines.
Recovery Allies has trained over 800 individuals.
Recovery Allies provides recovery coach specific trainings for ethics, professionalism, and working with a variety of specialized populations.
Recovery Allies actively engages with Community Mental Health Agencies, regional entities, and behavioral health providers throughout Michigan to transform policy, procedure, and response to substance use and recovery.
Recovery Allies has extensive knowledge in Recovery Oriented Systems of Care.
Recovery Allies has set up alternative support groups throughout West Michigan, allowing for individuals to find their own path to recovery.
Recovery Allies is able serve and educate the community in which we live.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

A Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) is a way to approach both the acute challenges of substance use disorders and then plan for long-term recovery together.

Recovery Allies embraces the approach that ROSC takes and within trainings includes the following subjects:

  • The role of a Recovery Coach
  • How to supervise Recovery Coaches in an effective manner
  • Use of effective language and avoiding pejorative terms
  • The role of community in Recovery Supports
  • Changing the system for better outcomes in a collaborative manner
  • Below is our general Recovery Coach Academy training offered several times each year…

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