What is the Journeys Program?

  • The Journeys program primary purpose is to provide individuals and families with a Recovery Coach to assist them in their personal journey of recovery related to substance use issues.
  • A Recovery Coach is a person of lived experience who is trained in education, advocacy, and support systems.  The Recovery Coach shares their experience and knowledge with others at an earlier stage of recovery from alcohol and/or drug use, mental illness, and stress disorders working as part of a clinical team or recovery support service.
  • The Journeys Program  recovery coaches support individuals/families as follows:
    • Coordination- The coach will coordinate with treatment providers (i.e. therapists) and other systems (i.e. courts) regarding progress and needs.  In addition, they assist in finding adequate housing, preparing for employment, obtaining/maintaining healthcare, and other environmental/basic needs.
    • Advocacy-  Recovery coaches  work with criminal, family, and sobriety courts, probation/parole, foster care, and child protective services when needed/requested.  Coaches are trained in how to educate professionals from different systems on substance use disorders and recovery. They can advocate for treatment, provide information on progress, and share the importance of a comprehensive recovery program.  The individual served can choose how much involvement they would like the coach to have.
    • Relating- Recovery coaches are trained in how to recount their personal story to assist others.  They are also trained in understanding how to meet the individual where they are at, develop a therapeutic relationship, and use Motivational Interviewing to create a positive environment for an individual to begin and/or continue in their recovery journey.
    • Educating- The coach provides education to the individual and their family regarding substance use disorders, the impact on relationships, recovery, and treatment.  All of the coaches are trained in understanding the disease model of addiction and can utilize that to teach others.
    • Support- Recovery coaches not only provide support for the individual, but also work with them to develop a support system.  Individuals entering recovery need to develop a network of people who support their recovery vs. people who play a role in their substance use.  This includes introducing individuals and their families to mutual aid support groups and finding the right one for them.

As we like to say… your recovery coach CARES!

Who is the Journeys Program for?

  • Journeys is for anyone who is struggling with substance use issues and needs additional assistance in their recovery.  
  • Traditionally recovery coaches are only available to individuals in specific programs where the recovery coach is part of the team.  Recovery Allies uses recovery coaches to work with individuals who may not qualify for the services that have these teams, but identify a need or desire to have a recovery coach.
  • Individuals may opt to only use recovery coaching services, however, we strongly recommend that the individual also participate in treatment with a qualified substance use counselor who we will coordinate with.

Where is the Journeys Program?

  • Journeys is a community-based program.  Recovery Coaches meet with individuals/families at their homes or in community settings.
  • Journeys is privately funded by the individual seeking the service.  Unfortunately, commercial insurance does not cover recovery coaching as a benefit, so individuals need to be able to pay for it, unless they qualify for Medicaid and one of the community programs that offers recovery coaching.  
  • Currently, Recovery Allies is able to provide the Journeys program in Kalamazoo, Kent, and Ottawa counties.

Why do we need the Journeys Program?  

  • Journeys provides the coordination, advocacy, relating, education, and support that is essential to recovery.  Working with an individual of lived experience has shown to positively impact recovery and reduce issues related to substance use disorders.
  • Due to insurance restrictions, programming rules, and available funds, many individuals who could benefit from a recovery coach as a part of their treatment team are unable to obtain one. Journeys can fill this service gap.

How can I utilize the Journey’s program for myself or someone I know?

  • Recovery Allies of West Michigan is working on obtaining grant funding to expand the service and reduce costs for individuals who don’t otherwise qualify for programs with recovery coaches.
  • Individuals and families can assist Recovery Allies in securing further funding by advocating with their regional PIHP, CMH, insurance companies, and/or legislators regarding the service and the importance of it.
  • Individuals or organizations can make donations to Recovery Allies to allow us to provide discounted rates to others.
  • For further information on cost, services, and intake contact us at
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