Each year in September Recovery Allies of West Michigan hosts Recovery Palooza in order to celebrate recovery in our community during National Recovery Month.  This year is no exception! Recovery Palooza is happening on Saturday September 22, 2018 (for further information on the event click here).

Recovery Palooza is a free event for community members of all ages to learn about recovery resources, substance use services, and celebrate those in recovery and those who support recovery efforts. In order to provide this event free of charge we need your help in the form of a sponsor.

Types of Sponsorship:

Corporate Sponsor: Businesses or large healthcare organizations (i.e. hospitals) that’s main purpose is not substance use or recovery related. Businesses that have a main/sole purpose of providing alcohol (i.e. brewery’s) who support recovery may participate in the event; however, marketing may be adjusted in each level due to the nature of the event in order to clearly demonstrate that these businesses support recovery.

Community Organization Sponsor: Agencies or organizations providing substance use disorder (SUD) services including prevention, training, support and treatment. This includes organizations providing services that are identified as imperative in coordination in order to address SUD and/or maintain recovery (i.e. small health clinics, housing agencies, family support services, employment).

Educational/Spiritual Organization Sponsor: Institutions/schools or school districts and religious or spiritual institutions. These are organizations that do not directly provide services/support for those with substance use disorders or in recovery, but are a part of the larger community in providing education and support.

Media Sponsor: Any media outlet in the community. For donations media sponsors fit in the corporate sponsor category. However, media outlets may choose to support the event by providing the community with information prior to, during, and/or afterwards.

Individual Sponsor: Individuals/families that would like to show their support for the event through donations can do so separate from an organization or entity. There will also be opportunities to volunteer at the event (stay tuned for these opportunities).

For corporations, agencies, and organizations there are benefits for becoming a sponsor. To learn more click on the link below corresponding to your type of sponsorship.

Corporate Sponsor Information

Community Organization Sponsor Information

Educational/Spritual Organization Sponsor Information

Media Sponsor Information

Individual Sponsor Information

To become a sponsor complete the sponsorship form and submit payment by credit/debit card below or mail us a check or money order (individuals do not need to submit the form).

Recovery Palooza Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Payment