Recovery Allies offers trainings for providers with beginning, intermediate, and advanced knowledge and experiance. Any of our trainings can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Below is a list of trainings we can provide, if you are interested in one of these or another topic please contact us at for a free consultation.

Trainings for All

  • Gender Differences in Substance Use Treatment
  • The Team Model of Treatment: Defining Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Impact of Culture on Treatment & Recovery

Recovery Coach Trainings

  • Recovery Coach Ethics
  • Advanced Recovery Coach Ethics
  • Trauma Informed Recovery Coaching
  • Recovery Coaching in the “Real World”
  • Recovery Coaching & Professionalism
  • Population Specific Recovery Coaching

Clinical Trainings

  • Social Work Ethics
  • Pain Management
  • Trauma Informed Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Integrating Motivational Interviewing & The Transtheoretical Model
  • Addresssing Teen Substance Use
  • Addresssing Historical Trauma in Treatment
  • Person-Centered Planning & Interventions: Meeting the Consumer Where They Are
  • Co-occurring Treatment

Supervisory Trainings

  • Supervising Recovery Coaches
  • Preventing Vicarious Trauma in the Substance Use Clinician
  • Moving From Clinician to Supervisor
  • Supervision & Technology

Beginner Trainings

  • Substance Use Disorder Basics
  • Screening & Referral for Substance Use Disorders
  • Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  • Introduction to the “Stages of Change” (The Transtheoretical Model)

Note: this list is being updated frequently and will include links to descriptions soon.